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Monica Anderson: Model Free Methods Workshop

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Monica Anderson is CEO of Syntience Inc. and originator of a theory for "true" learning in animals, humans, and computers. Syntience is actively researching computer based systems that can understand the meaning of language in the form of text.

This is a video of an interactive workshop about the use of Model Free Methods in the Life Sciences and elsewhere. These methods are very important for AI research since (according to Ms. Anderson's theory) the creation of an Artificial General Intelligence requires that implementations be restricted to only use Model Free Methods. The case for this theory is made in other videos; this one merely discusses how other disciplines are already using Model Free Methods. A short introduction provides background information for the workshop but for full understanding we recommend the other videos on the Syntience video page

Ms. Anderson is available to conduct this workshop or to give presentations about her research and theories and about Epistemology for AI, semantics for data mining etc. for any audience. If you think this kind of information would be appropriate for your corporation, conference, or event, please get in touch via email to .

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